Hello again! Right then, for the last several months I have been recording books for a company in New York called Bold Strokes Books. The titles are all currently available on Audible.co.uk. It has been a pleasure to record Cari Hunters Dark Peak series and I agree with the comments of those who have read and listened to series when they say it should be a TV drama. Great gritty crime stories featuring professional gay women from the North of England, fighting crime and saving lives. The twists and turns of the plot keep you hooked on the story and the character dialogue is funny and authentic. I really enjoyed working on these books as you can probably tell. Check out the author and her new books due to be launched soon, here:  https://carihunter.wordpress.com/my-books/ I also enjoyed working on the romance novels by Jenny Frame and if you like a fairy tale romance yourself you’ll love these books too.