Hello! I am a classically trained professional actor. I have been working in theatre and as a voice artist for the last 20 years and in that time I have honed a range of voices, accents, dialects and characters. I’m versatile, flexible, reliable and take direction well. I work hard to make sure that you get exactly the voice you are looking for.

My voice is versatile ranging from warm, soft, sultry, friendly and young to authoritative,  sharp, commanding and mature. If a straightforward informative tone is needed for the read, I can do that. If a gentle nurturing voice is needed or soft and sexy, I can do that too. You can listen to my voice on the next page.  My training and experience since, of travelling and working, has given me a great range and facility for accents and dialects.

My forte and great love, being an actor, naturally, is character and drama work. I have great comic timing and delivery and a solid emotional range that I can utilise to bring characters and situations to life with real feeling. I am an experienced audiobook narrator and you can listen to my past works on audible.

Whether you need a voice artist for animation, radio drama, audiobook, gaming or commercial presentations and documentary/film voiceovers I can cover everything. I can turn work around in a very short time frame and all my recordings are presented to you in the highest quality audio in the format you require.

“Thanks for giving voice to my characters, They’re always perfect.”

Jenny Frame – Author –  Audible